• Special Note: Since I am ignoring the events in Freddy vs. Jason, but the characters in it (with some recasts) act like an offical cast for A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 7 (since New Nightmare does not count, as it acts on its own and in the real world).

The Residents of Elm Street Edit

Dr. Kenneth Campbell Edit

Dr. Campbell

Jack Coleman as Dr. Kenneth Campbell

Occupation: Head of Staff for Westin Hills

Dr. Kenneth Campbell and his daughter, Lori, had been living at the house on 1428 Elm Street for the past couple of years, and Lori doesn't about the house's rich history. Her dad, the town's Sheriff and several other parents have kept the history of the town under wraps for the longest time since moving there, but unknown to Lori, her father harbors a couple of secrets of his own.

Along with the rest of staff at Westin Hills, Dr. Campbell had been using the dream suppressant called Hypnocil for a experimental trial run for only seeing dangerous side-effects, leaving many of the subjects laying in a coma forever.

Lori Campbell Edit


Monica Keena as Lori Campbell

Occupation: Springwood High School student (Senior)

Lori Campbell is just a normal teenaged girl, living with a great father whom cares for her and having two best friends: Isabelle Gibb, the wild child, and Kia Waterson, the future model who happens to be obsessed with plastic surgery. Little did they know what happens when the past comes back to haunt everyone.

Charlie Linderman Edit


Chris Marquette as Charlie Linderman

Occupation: Springwood High School student (Senior)

Charlie Linderman is the resident town (and horny) nerd who pines after the attention of Lori Campbell.

Other Residents of Springwood Edit

Sheriff Clancy Williams Edit

Sheriff Williams

Gary Chalk as Sheriff Clancy Williams

Occupation: Sheriff of the Springwood Police Department

Clancy Williams was just a rookie when some of the rageful parents of Springwood torched Fred Krueger alive and kept the secret. Now the Sheriff of the town, he hopes that town's dirty little secret doesn't come back to haunt them and kill them.

Town Visitors Edit

Karl Stolenberg Edit


Michael Rosenbaum as Karl Stolenberg

Occupation: Serial Killer

Karl Stolenberg is a known serial killer who was on his way to meet his end by lethal injection until his transportation suffers a flat tire. Now sent to stay in Westin Hills for the time being, he doesn't know about the the rich and dirty secrets of the town has and the vulnerability he is under without the aid of Hypnocil.