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Dick Jones Edit


Ronny Cox as Dick Jones

Name: Dick Jones

Occupation: Chairman, Omni Consumer Products

Status: Alive; originally shot mutiple times then fallen to his death, but a sample of his DNA was collected and used for Dr. Gary Vogel's experimental cloning process

New Status: Deceased; killed by a T-1000 Terminator whom assumed the appearance of General Arthur Dekker

Louis Strack, Jr. Edit


Colin Friels as Louis Strack, Jr.

Name: Louis Strack, Jr.

Occupation: CEO, Omni Consumer Products

Status: Alive; originally was thrown to his death, but a sample of his DNA was collected and used for Dr. Gary Vogel's experimental cloning process

New Status: Deceased; his body was shredded from the back propellers of a OCP helicopter after being lifted up by RoboCop, as the OCP helicopter was lifting off.

Clarence Boddicker Edit

Boddicker 2.0

Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker

Name: Clarence Boddicker

Occupation: Criminal Mastermind and Drug Lord, Corporate Assassin and Mercenary

Status: Alive; originally stabbed in neck, hitting a jugular vein and bleed to death shorty afterwards, but his body was later found and re-animated with the experimental Necrozine serum created by Dr. Gary Vogel

New Status: Deceased; killed in a Cobra Assault Canon blast caused from Nick Hume

Enforcement Droid Series 209 (ED-209) Mrk. II Edit

ED-209 Mark II is a vast improvement over the original glitchy and cumbersome version initially designed for OCP. The ED-209 Mark II has an identical design, but the performance is improved due to the installation of a microprocessor chip based on the work of Miles Dyson's research for Cyberdyne that led to the creation of SkyNet. This enables ED-209 to be much more intelligent and aware of his surroundings, and to be more cautious and careful with his movements and actions.

In addition to this, the ED-209 Mark II is also fitted with much stronger armor, making the new models much more resistant to explosive blasts; a shot from a Cobra Assault Cannon, RPG or a similar weapon won't instantly destroy an ED-209 unit and will take multiple well-aimed blasts to even so much as slightly damage them, anymore.

Rounding out these marked improvements are treads installed on the bottom of the feet to make traveling up and down stairs not problematic (unlike the original ED-209) and small rocket boosters are also concealed in the feet to allow for leaping in the event ED-209 needs to get to a higher height immediately to pursue a target or needs to leap over a long distance.

The Military Edit

Arthur Dekker Edit

SOD Dekker

R. Lee Ermey as General Arthur Dekker, Secretary of Defense

Name: Arthur Dekker

Occupation: Secretary of Defense, Five Star General for the United States Military, and Government Lesion to OCP

Status: Possibly deceased, as his appearance was used for a T-1000 Terminator.