Mike Pearson has appeared in Horror RPG Series 3, Season 1.

Mike Pearson
Mike Pearson (S3-S1)
Date of Birth:1964
Place of Birth:Morningside, Washington
Date of Death:NA, still alive and well
Age:19 (in 2008, has not aged due to genetic alterations by The Tall Man)
Species:Human (Genetically Altered)
Family:Jody Pearson, Sr. (father, deceased); Ann Pearson (mother, deceased); Jody Pearson, Jr. (brother, presumed deceased); the rest of his family is currently unknown
Skills:Ability to construct homemade weaponry, good with firearms and other weapons, vehicular experience
Downfalls:Can get overemotional
Powers:A milder form of The Tall Man's mind powers and telekinesis
Theme Song:"Digimortal" by Fear Factory
Major Allies:Reggie Bannister, Jody Pearson, Jr., Tim Connors
Minor Allies:None, currently
Major Rivals:The Tall Man and his minions
Minor Rivals:Anyone with The Tall Man
Portrayer:James LeGros
Controller:Jigsaw (writer) (S3-S1)

Mike Pearson is a character and hero from the Phantasm film series (parts 1-4).

Character History Edit

"First he took mom and dad, then he took Jody, now he's after me." - Mike Pearson

Early Life Edit

Michael Pearson was born sometime in 1964 to Ann and Jody Pearson, Sr. in the quiet little town of Morningside, Washington. Mike had a normal upbringing and lived happily with both of his parents as well as his older brother, Jody, Sr. Unfortunately, Mike's happy early life would come to a terrible halt when shortly after turning thirteen, his parents both died in a car wreck. Mike had nightmares for weeks after attending their funeral and became more reliant and dependent on Jody, Jr. as well as the Pearsons' close friend, Reggie Bannister. Things slowly started returning to normal for the increasingly fearful Mike, until one fateful day.

The Tall Man Edit

One day while out riding his motorcycle, Mike eavesdropped on a funeral of a close family friend that Jody and Reggie were attending, and watched from the groves in the cemetery with a pair of binoculars. Mike spied on the funeral service, but after everyone left, he noticed something alarming when he spotted the caretaker of Morningside Mortuary, a very tall and mysterious mortician known only as "The Tall Man," lift the casket at the scene all by himself and load it into a hearse.

Mike, shocked by what he had seen, rode away from the scene and went to see the neighborhood psychic, desperate for answers. After a rather bizarre reading, Mike returned home and found that Jody was out at the local bar, and traced Jody down to Morningside Cemetery, where he was hanging out with a woman he met at the bar (unknown to both Mike and Jody, an agent of The Tall Man. While spying on them in the bushes at the cemetery, Mike had an encounter with a strange figure of a short stature that appeared to be wearing a brown cloak. Mike ran off screaming with Jody going after him, questioning him about what had happened, with Mike telling him his frenzied account.

A distraught Mike headed back home and slept, where he had a frightening nightmare of The Tall Man, and would have a strange encounter with him the following day at Main Street. Later that night, while Mike was working on fixing his brother's Hemicuda, he thought he saw one of the odd dwarf creatures in the garage, and following a heated exchange with his brother after accidentally hitting him on the foot with a hammer, Mike decided to investigate Morningside for himself, suspicious of what he had seen.

Proof Edit

Young Mike

Young Mike witnessing the horrors of Morningside Mortuary.

After breaking into Morningside, Mike encountered a flying silver sphere known as a Sentinel, and ran out of it's way when a caretaker on the premises grabbed ahold of him. Mike, seeing the Sentinel going for him, bit hard into the caretaker's arm, causing him to let go, and watched as the Sentinel armed itself with a deadly set of twin blades that embedded into the caretaker's forehead. From there, the Sentinel drilled into the caretaker's forehead with a drill and ejected much of his blood through it's back. Mike got away from the Sentinel, only to find The Tall Man. Mike ran away from The Tall Man as fast as he could, running into a storage room, where The Tall Man's fingers were stuck in a door slit. Mike sliced off the fingers with his hunting knife, seeing that The Tall Man had a yellow gooey substance for blood. Mike collected one of The Tall Man's severed fingers for evidence and fled from the mortuary.

Young Mike II

Mike slicing off The Tall Man's fingers, one of the severed fingers he collected as evidence to show Jody.

Mike returned home and placed The Tall Man's severed finger inside a small wooden box and kept a loaded shotgun nearby him in case of anything, sleeping with the weapon. Jody found Mike sleeping on the staircase, alarmed by seeing his younger brother with a shotgun, and he emptied the shells, and asked Mike what was wrong. Mike showed Jody the box's contents, consisting of The Tall Man's severed finger, still moving inspite of being severed.

Jody, convinced of what was happening at Morningside, agreed to help Mike, and asked him to bring the box with the finger to show to the town sheriff as evidence. When Mike went for the box, he noticed it wasn't moving, and opened it to see why the finger had stopped moving. The finger had transformed into a strange little fly-type creature that rushed to Mike to attack him. Jody went to help, and after struggling a bit with the speedy creature, they killed it by shoving it inside the garbage disposal.

That night, Jody decided to pay a visit to Morningside to see what was up, and sternly told Mike not to follow him, but Mike defied his brother and followed him anyway, driving their Hemicuda to Morningside, in time to get Jody out of harm's way after a run-in with some of the dwarf creatures inside the mortuary. Jody got inside the Hemicuda and Mike fled from the scene, when a seemingly driverless hearse pursued them. Jody fired at the pursuing hearse several times with his shotgun and eventually destroyed the engine, causing the hearse to crash. The two brothers cautiously approached the crashed hearse, finding the corpse of the driver who was revealed to be their friend, Tommy, whose funeral occurred only days earlier.

With the alarming discovery that The Tall Man had been creating the dwarf creatures from recent corpses, Mike and Jody got ahold of their close friend, Reggie, who had been present at the time the brothers shoved the fly creature inside the garbage disposal. Reggie arrived with his ice cream truck and helped to store the dead body of the now "dwarfed" Tommy, and the trio drove to the Pearson home, trying to plan out an attack against The Tall Man.

Jody ordered Mike to not follow him, and made sure he wasn't unsupervised this time, having him stay at an antique store owned by a family friend. Mike found a photograph of The Tall Man at the antique store, the photograph appearing to be of The Tall Man from hundreds of years earlier, and the photograph seemingly alive. Mike, having a feeling that The Tall Man was after him, begged to antique store owner to take her own, and she complied. While being driven home, they came across an ice cream truck on the road that had been overturned, and Mike saw that it was Reggie's ice cream truck. Scared for his friend, Mike asked to be pulled over and went to investigate the truck, not finding Reggie anywhere and finding the dwarf gone.

Mike rushed back to the car, when dwarves suddenly attacked and took the antique store owner and her friend to Morningside and Mike was left on the road. Mike awoke and raced back home, finding Jody and informing him of what happened, but when Jody declined Mike's offer to help him pursue The Tall Man, Mike was locked inside his room, much to his dismay. Mike improvised by scotch-taping a shotgun shell to a hammer and carefully smashing the shell against his doorknob, allowing escape. Mike armed himself with a Colt Army Issue .45 pistol and was about to go for Jody to help him, when The Tall Man appeared and took Mike with him in his hearse over to Morningside.

Mike escaped from the hearse after shooting out a tire and window from the inside of the hearse and jumping out. He jumped out before the hearse crashed into a tree, and cautiously entered the mortuary. He came to his father's tomb inside the mortuary, seeing the tomb had been broken into and his father's casket was laying out. Mike reluctantly opened the casket just to make sure his father's remains hadn't been tampered with, only to find that his father's corpse was missing. A horrified Mike ran from the tomb, and was almost killed by a Sentinel when Jody arrived in time to blow the Sentinel away with his shotgun.

Mike and Jody cautiously approached a door that led to a suspicious room inside the mortuary, when Reggie found them, Reggie having hid inside a casket while inside the mortuary, and the antique owner and her friend having fled to safety earlier. The trio carefully entered the room, finding a white room lined with barrels containing the dwarf creatures and a pair of silver cylinders that was actually a gateway to The Tall Man's homeworld, a harsh planet known only as "The Red Planet."

Mike was nearly sucked into The Red Planet through the spacegate when he got too close, but Reggie and Jody pulled him away in time. The lights in the mortuary then went out and some dwarf creatures chased Mike and Jody out of the mortuary, Reggie left behind inside the spacegate room. A strong wind gust formed outside, Mike and Jody frantically searching for Reggie, finding him dead outside of the mortuary. Mike was distraught, but the brothers fled from the mortuary and hatched a plan to defeat The Tall Man, by luring him to an uncovered mine shaft.

Jody ordered Mike to stay at their home while he went to remove the warning barrier from the mine shaft, Mike complying. Mike went around his home to secure the doors and windows, when The Tall Man arrived and chased him, eventually chasing him to the area surrounding the mine shaft. Mike avoided falling in, but The Tall Man fell right into the shaft and was trapped inside by numerous boulders that rolled and fell from a nearby hillside. Mike saw Jody had caused the boulders to roll and thus trap The Tall Man, and all seemed back to normal, until Mike awoke during a stormy night, realizing it was all a dream... or was it?

"You Had a Dream... Just a Nightmare." Edit

Mike learned the following morning that Jody died in a car wreck and his funeral had been the previous week. Mike was so jaded by his nightmare that he swore it was something that really happened, but Reggie assured him it was just a bad dream, and tried to comfort Mike, letting him know that he wasn't alone and he there for him no matter what.

Mike went to his room in Reggie's home that he was staying over at to pack some of his belongings to go on a road trip with Reggie, all with the intention of trying to enjoy life again. As Mike packed some of his things, he was greeted by a most unwelcome visitor in his room: The Tall Man, who somehow snuck in undetected. The startled Mike was then attacked by some dwarves, catching Reggie's attention. Reggie rushed to Mike's aid as some of The Tall Man's dwarf minions were dragging Mike away, and the two escaped the dwarf-infested house in the nick of time by jumping through an upstairs window, just as the gas main in the house caused the house to implode after Reggie deliberately left it open to kill the dwarves inside.

After firefighters rushed to put out the flames that engulfed the remnants of Reggie's home, police questioned the duo, with Mike insisting that The Tall Man had come for him with his minions. Alarmed and disturbed by Mike's account, Mike was committed to the Morningside Psychiatric Clinic, where he spent the next seven years. Mike repeatedly insisted that his account was true and that The Tall Man was real, but the administration kept him in the institution.

"Mike, I Know You're Out There..." Edit

Mike remained in the institution, and sometime after turning nineteen, he began to receive psychic messages from a girl around his age named Elizabeth Reynolds, who somehow shared a psychic link with The Tall Man and knew of his evil plans. Mike was given a psychic gift by Liz, and knowing she was in mortal danger, managed to convince the institution that his account of The Tall Man was just his overactive imagination and him not being able to tell fantasy from reality. The administration believed him and released him, but of course, Mike knew that The Tall Man was real.

After being released from the psychiatric clinic, Mike went to one of Morningside's cemeteries with a pick axe and exhumed the graves, finding all three of them empty of their corpses. Mike knew that The Tall Man was back to his usual routine, but Reggie, who tracked Mike down to the cemetery, tried to convince him that The Tall Man wasn't real. Reggie drove Mike to his new home where his family was, when Mike received a psychic disturbance from The Tall Man. Before Mike could warn Reggie of the impending danger in time, Reggie's house imploded as they approached it, Reggie's family dying in the explosion.

Reggie, grief-stricken, was convinced of The Tall Man's existence and the danger he posed, and after his family's funeral, he agreed to assist Mike in his personal quest against The Tall Man. Mike and Reggie drove to an abandoned hardware and sporting goods store, where they obtained numerous weapons and even constructed weapons of their own, Mike constructing a flamethrower for himself made from two propane canisters and one oxygen canister along with some fuel gauges. With their gear ready, Mike and Reggie embarked on a six-month journey to stop The Tall Man, seeing that he was now pillaging entire towns and harvesting their cemeteries.

Rescue Mission Edit

After their long six-month quest, Mike and Reggie traced Liz to Perigord, Oregon. Along the way they both picked up a hitchhiker named Alchemy, whom Mike had a strange dream of prior to picking her up. When they got to Perigord, Alchemy's hometown, they found it in ruins, meaning that The Tall Man had been here. After setting up base inside an old Bed And Breakfast that Alchemy's father owned, they set out for Liz, eventually finding her at the Perigord Cemetery in a frightened state.

After driving Liz back to the Bed And Breakfast and resting inside it for the night before resuming their mission, Mike and Liz made love inside their room, when a protective grenade trap that had been rigged downstairs went off. Mike and Reggie went to investigate, finding that it had been an animal of some sort that accidentally tried getting in. Mike and Reggie then proceeded to argue about their mission, Mike growing more frustrated, when Liz's sudden screams alerted them both and they rushed upstairs. They found that Liz had been taken by The Tall Man through the window in their room, and both rushed back downstairs, finding that The Tall Man had fled with Liz in his hearse.

Mike commandeered the Hemicuda after Reggie got their weapons, and Mike sped after The Tall Man's hearse, and neared it. Reggie was about to shoot at The Tall Man with his Quadruple-Barreled Shotgun, when The Tall Man reared them with the hearse and caused the Hemicuda to crash into a large rock and overturn in a ditch. Mike was ejected from the crash, and rushed over to find Reggie trapped inside the car, which had it's gasoline tank punctured and the gasoline traveling down to a fire just along the way. Mike frantically rushed to get out their weapons and managed to free Reggie just in time when the Hemicuda exploded after the gasoline trail struck the fire and the fire made it's way to the car, causing a massive explosion.

Fortunately, the Perigord Mortuary was just in the distance. With their weapons and gear ready, Mike and Reggie cautiously made their way over to the mortuary and broke in. They scoped out the interior when they came across an embalming room, and Mike saw that the embalming room led to a spacegate portal room, accessible only with a Drone Sentinel, as the thin slits in the odd keyhole showed. Both Mike and Reggie parted ways inside the mortuary to find Liz, and Mike eventually found her, just before a Drone Sentinel attacked her. Mike led her out of the way, when a psychotic mortician working for The Tall Man knocked him out of the way and went to attack Liz. The Drone Sentinel however darted at the mortician and pinned his left hand to the door behind him with it's twin blades and proceeded to drill into his palm. When a Golden Sentinel appeared, the mortician hacked off his arm with his hatchet out of desperation to survive, and Mike led Liz into a storage room behind them, trying to flee the Battle Sentinel.

Mike and Liz

Mike with Liz inside Perigord Mortuary, fighting to survive.

They weren't safe for long when the Battle Sentinel used it's laser to blast a hole through the door leading to the storage room and flew inside it. Mike and Liz kept on the ground and tried hiding, and when they spotted an open doorway, they both fled through it, right after the Battle Sentinel killed a rat that had been scurrying nearby. Mike and Liz fled into a casket room, where Mike closed the an open steel door they came in through to keep out the Battle Sentinel. The same mortician they encountered earlier tried to attack Liz again, and Mike tried to fend him off, when the Battle Sentinel blasted it's way through the steel door after using an acid-laden power drill to drill through the steel. The Battle Sentinel launched itself at the mortician's back, and from there used it's burrowing saw to saw it's way inside his body and tear him apart from the inside, eventually working it's way through his innards and into his mouth.

After witnessing the gruesome sight, Mike and Liz carefully made their way outside to the hallways, Mike carefully prying out the severed hand of the dead mortician pinned to the door, with the Drone Sentinel embedded in the palm. At the same time, the two were re-united with Reggie, and afterwards, made their way to the embalming room, where Mike carefully removed the Sentinel from the mortician's severed hand and inserted the twin blades inside the keyhole, opening the door that led to the portal room. The room wasn't much different from the portal room that Mike and Reggie had seen years before with Jody.

After showing Liz the spacegate portal itself, Reggie was about to torch the place with Mike's flamethrower, when The Tall Man appeared and knocked Reggie aside. He grabbed ahold of Mike and Liz, throwing Mike into the spacegate and taking Liz with him. Reggie crawled over to the spacegate and after a struggle, managed to pull Mike back in through, just as a dwarf creature inside a barrel on the Red Planet broke out and went crawling for the gate. When Mike took notice to Liz strapped onto a gurney and The Tall Man about to inject her with acid-tainted embalming fluid with an embalming needle, he came to her rescue just in time. Mike yanked out the Sentinel inside the keyhole, which flew at The Tall Man's forehead and drilled into it, spraying out his yellow blood.

To Mike's Horror however, The Tall Man ripped it out and crushed it with his bare hand as if it were nothing, and then grabbed ahold of Mike, lifting him up. Mike watched as a grotesque worm-like creature slithered out of The Tall Man's drill hole in his forehead and lunged at Mike. Mike was saved right afterwards when Liz stabbed The Tall Man in the back with the embalming needle, and Mike ripped out the worm creature, throwing it aside. Reggie then activated the embalming machine, The Tall Man pumped full of hydrochloric acid that Reggie had dumped inside the embalming machine's canister earlier. The Tall Man screamed in agony as he was melted and dissolved to death by the acid, and Reggie proceeded to torch the embalming room with Mike's flamethrower afterwards, as Mike and Liz fled outside of the mortuary. They were conveniently found in time by Alchemy, who had hotwired a hearse earlier and came for them. After Reggie burned some more of the mortuary, he fled with Mike, Liz and Alchemy, Alchemy driving out through the front entrance.

Vulnerable Status Edit


Mike and Liz trapped in the back of a hearse after fleeing from Perigord Mortuary and seeing Reggie nearly killed.

Mike and Liz were in the back of the hearse with an empty casket as Alchemy drove away with Reggie in the front with her. They then heard Reggie screaming and felt the hearse swerve out of control, and panicked, they started banging from the inside of the hearse. The hearse stopped and Reggie's wounded face appeared in one of the windows and he then dropped dead, startling both Mike and Liz. The hearse then sped away, and Mike tried assuring Liz that it was just a terrible dream, when The Tall Man, back via a clone, appeared, and some dwarves attacked from the back and dragged Mike and Liz out into a ditch. The hearse crashed and exploded, Mike was rendered unconscious and Liz was mauled to death by a dwarf.

Mike, sensing that Reggie was still alive, tried using his psychic powers that he inherited from Liz to produce Reggie's Quadro-Shotgun, and managed to do so along with a bandoleer of shotgun shells which materialized on him. Reggie used the Quadro-Shotgun to blast away the dwarves on the scene and save Mike from them, and when The Tall Man appeared on the scene to collect Mike, Reggie threatened him with a grenade, causing him to retreat.

Mike, unconscious and wounded, was rushed to a hospital by Reggie, where he spent a few days recovering. One night, Mike had a dream where he was walking into a corridor of light and along the way, met his deceased older brother, Jody. Jody warned Mike to stay away from the light, but Mike felt drawn to it and went on anyway. Along the way, he encountered The Tall Man, and in fright, awoke from the dream, only to be assaulted by a Demon Nurse sent by The Tall Man to capture Mike. Mike tried fending off the Demon Nurse and stabbed her with her needle, just as Reggie came to visit Mike and check on him. Reggie was sprayed with some of the Demon Nurse's yellow blood and the Demon Nurse eventually died from her wound.

Afterwards, a Drone Sentinel forced it's way out of the Demon Nurse's head and hovered over to Mike, retracting it's Eyeball Periscope and gazing at him. It then retracted the periscope and flew out through a window. Reggie went over to Mike and took him out of the hospital, and drove him to his new home. Along the way, Mike got a vision of Jody and was convinced that somehow was back. He asked Reggie to stop the car and Mike looked for Jody, not finding him anywhere.

Mike and Reggie re-entered Reggie's new Hemicuda and made their way to his home, stocking up on supplies when the lights inside flickered off. Thinking The Tall Man was back, they carefully investigated the house and made their way into Reggie's living room, finding Jody casually sitting on a chair. Mike, joyed to see his brother back, went to hug him, when Jody stood up and warned him that he couldn't touch him. When the windows in Reggie's house shattered, they all ducked, knowing The Tall Man was near. It was then that Jody suddenly transformed into a Drone Sentinel, much to Mike and Reggie's shock.

Jody however didn't attack either way in his Sentinel form, and once The Tall Man arrived, he made an effort to slow him down to allow Mike and Reggie time to escape, but The Tall Man used his mind powers against Jody's Sentinel form, and took a weaker Mike with him, where he held him captive inside a small cell in a bunker in his homeworld. Mike remained there for several days, until Reggie and Jody made their way through the spacegate and found the bunker. They freed Mike, when The Tall Man pursued them. They escaped, and The Tall Man nearly caught them, when the spacegate's link was severed, but not before it was severed along with The Tall Man's hands, which transformed into strange insect-like creatures, whom Reggie and his group promptly destroyed.

Mike was with Reggie and his two new allies, Tim Connors and Rocky, on their way to the Boulton Mausoleum, when a trio of thugs whom Reggie encountered a few days prior and were now re-animated by The Tall Man as zombie servants gave chase in a pink hearse. A road battle ensued, with the pink hearse eventually hitting a large rock on the rock and flipping over and then exploding. Realizing that The Tall Man was close to them, they quickly located the Boulton Mausoleum, on the lookout for him.

Mike was in a state of meditation inside the mortuary, resting on a gurney inside an embalming room, with Jody in Sentinel form on his forehead. Mike was in a dream-like state this time, with Jody showing Mike how the Sentinels were created by The Tall Man. Around this time, The Tall Man appeared and took Mike captive along with Tim, while his zombie servants handled Reggie and Rocky. Tim was ushered away for the time being, while The Tall Man performed a gruesome and painful implant surgery and had a Golden Sentinel implanted in Mike's head.

Shortly afterwards, the rest of the crew entered the room to finish off The Tall Man, and after The Tall Man's own Golden Sentinel pursued the crew, Mike went to check his head in a bathroom, seeing his gruesome surgery wound in the mirror and seeing that his blood was now a yellow, gooey substance, much like The Tall Man's. Mike, overcome with shock and horror, fled out of the mortuary and into the night after stealing a hearse from the mortuary. Mike felt himself undergoing a transformation from the operation, and The Tall Man knew of it as well, as he reminded him during the drive after mysteriously appearing in the back of the hearse and then disappearing into a casket in the back.

Reluctant Evolution Edit


Mike attempting to hang himself out of desperation, with no success.

After the hearse broke down and Mike decided to stop for rest, he began receiving strange dreams and visions, with allusions to The Tall Man's origins as well as insight into the life of Jebediah Morningside, the host for The Tall Man who made the connection between the worlds of the living and the dead, as well as other worlds beyond. Mike also learned to make more use of his mind powers, and using his engineering and constructing skills, even built a makeshift Sentinel of his own using parts of the hearse's engine.

Civil War

Mike finding a spacegate that leads him back to Jebediah Morningside's time.

Mike had come across a cluster of spacegate portals shortly before, after a failed suicide attempt due to The Tall Man's intervention, and one spacegate remained by the desert spot where Mike was with the hearse. While Mike waited for Reggie, Jody took Mike through the gate to shed more light on the pasts of The Tall Man and Jebediah Morningside, but along the way, Mike learned that "Jody" was just a clone that was serving The Tall Man all along and trying to lure Mike to him, succeeding in doing so.

Jebediah Morningside's house

Mike exploring the house of Jebediah Morningside, The Tall Man's host.

Mike fled from The Tall Man and killed his brother's evil clone, fleeing back to the outside world where Reggie was, but The Tall Man re-emerged. Mike used his mind powers and homemade Sentinel against him, and even lured him to a deadly car bomb inside the hearse, which exploded and killed The Tall Man, but another Tall Man clone simply arrived through the spacegates and went for Mike. He removed the implanted Golden Sentinel and left through the spacegate, leaving a wounded Mike behind to bleed to death. Reggie, determined to stop The Tall Man, promised Mike he'd return, then went for The Tall Man through the spacegate. As Mike bled to death, he had visions of something resembling an alternate life...

Role in Horror RPG Series 3, Season One Edit

Overcoming Obstacles Edit

Mike, inspite of the severe pain he was in from having the Battle Sentinel ripped from his skull, managed to crawl through the spacegate portal after Reggie, evading a pack of dwarves that Reggie immediately handled with his Quadro-Shotgun. Mike managed to make it with Reggie through The Tall Man's facility on the Red Planet, coming upon the holding cells where he kept captives. Using a downed Drone Sentinel to open the doors, they freed two familiar faces: Timothy Connors and Jebediah Morningside.

Escaping The Tall Man in time through a spacegate portal, the foursome found themselves in the town of Bridgton, Maine, in another dimension of Earth's apparently not yet conquered by The Tall Man. But Bridgton faced an escalating threat from something else entirely, a strange mist of sorts that appeared to harbor hostile alien creatures in it, the creatures having ravaged the town.

Gathering weapons and avoiding the creatures in town, Mike, Reggie and Tim eventually traced the whereabouts of The Tall Man to a funeral parlor in town, where The Tall Man had set up his new base. The gang prepared to infiltrate.

Outside Help Edit

Entering the mortuary, Mike and the others faced resistance from The Tall Man's minions and enforcers, but they survived the encounters. They would get unexpected but welcome outside help from the Ghostbusters, who came to Bridgton to help intervene with the situation of the mist creatures.

With the help of the Ghostbusters, Mike and Reggie with Tim as well as their new ally, Ash Williams, whom they met inside the mortuary, managed to mane entry into The Tall Man's facility after finding the entry to his facility in the mortuary's basement.

Showdown Edit

After making it to The Tall Man's facility, the cloning facility where The Tall Man's clones were stored. The Tall Man arrived to do battle, in his alien form. He killed Morningside and Reggie, with Mike bravely staying behind to fight while the Ghostbusters used some of their Proton Packs and set them to blow; the Packs would have enough power to wipe out The Tall Man's facilities completely and destroy his plans.

Mike was severely wounded but kept his ground as he fought The Tall Man, when the Proton Packs exploded, their nuclear power destroying the facility and The Tall Man's lair, Mike and The Tall Man caught in the blasts and dying.

Regular Appearance Edit

Mike stands about five feet eleven inches tall with a slim build, and weighs around one-hundred fifty to one-hundred seventy pounds. He has straight and shaggy brown hair and blue eyes. He usually wears street clothes of varying types and colors. Mike also appears to have inherited The Tall Man's yellow blood along with The Tall Man's psychic and mind powers. Despite this, he still retains a mostly human state, albeit with some drastic alterations made to his genetic structure due to The Tall Man's operation.

Trademark Gear Edit

Mike and his battle gear

Mike with his flamethrower and assorted battle gear.

Mike is very skilled is building other weapons and seems especially good with improvised weapons. Mike's signature weapon is his flamethrower, constructed from two blue propane canisters and one red oxygen canister, all three linked together with tubing and a gas gauge connected to a trigger. When activated, the oxygen adds more power to the flames shot out by the propane. Mike also uses handguns and occasionally might build a homemade Sentinel that's not early as advanced as The Tall Man's Sentinels.