Short Info Edit

Info to come...

The Characters for Season One Edit

  • Gabrielle van Helsing
  • Bram van Helsing
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Dorian Sullivan
  • Joseph Richard O'Connell
  • Kharis the Mummy
  • Iris Bay
  • Donald Loomis
  • Alex J. Murphy/RoboCop
  • John Connor
  • Jacob Johnson
  • Carmen Pauline Ryder
  • Dante Ryder
  • Peter Strahm
  • Jack Hansen
  • Reggie Bannister
  • Jeffery Reinhart Denlon
  • Allison Kerry
  • Tina Shepherd
  • Benjamin Blackborne
  • Michael Bradshaw
  • Mark Holmes

Supporting Characters (and slight NPC) for Season One Edit

  • Jackie O'Neil
  • Dr. Peter Venkman
  • Carlo Bertolucci
  • Gino Masterson
  • The Butcher of Little Italy
  • Eva Wantanabe
  • Jennifer Jane (JJ) Jarrett
  • Steven Freeman

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