The Bravo Syndicate has appeared in Horror RPG Series 3, Season 1.

The Bravo Syndicate
Bravo Logo
CEO or Leader:Classified
Base Location:Classified
Size of Organization:Classified
Other Affiliations:The Central Intelligence Agency
Members of Note:Benjamin Blackborne
First Appearance:Have yet to appear, or have they?
Resources:The United States Government
Available for Affiliation?:No.
Years In Service:Unknown, but possibly since the mid-60s.


The Bravo Syndicate was formed in the mid nineteen sixties under the watchful eye of the Central Intelligence Agency, acting like a hidden sub-group within the intelligence agency. Bravo was lead by a person known as The Director; the identity of The Director was never actually known though, but presidents, senators, and governors have been known to be The Director. The Director was in charge of finding mutates that were created during World War II.

The mutates were humans who were born with special gifts, or superhuman powers like telekinesis or super strength, that were caused by genetic anomalies that had occurred during pregnancy, but also creating side effects as well. The genetic anomaly would occur after a generation skip caused by their grandparents. The CIA found out that an unknown amount of soldiers were exposed to an assortment of unknown chemicals during World War II and their grandkids would be able to have these genetic anomalies because of the chemicals.

By the nineteen seventies, the CIA began to keep tabs on the children born with these special gifts, and by the nineteen nineties, they had gathered twenty six people and called them the Alphabet Group since each person was given a letter and number of the twenty six letters of the alphabet.

Notable Staff

President Alex Deming (The Director)

The Director

JK Simmons as President Alex Deming (The Director)

  • Special Ability: None
  • Downfalls: His spitfire and no nonsense attitude

Dr. Travis Kirby

Travis Kirby (S3)

Dylan Baker as Dr. Travis Kirby

  • Special Ability: Superhuman Reflexes, allowing him to think and move quicker then a normal person
  • Side Effect: Although he can react faster then normal, he has muscle spasms that causes a slight discomfort and is needed of pills to ease those pains


Bambino (S3)

William Fichtner as Bambino

  • Special Ability: None, but highly intelligent of in modifying weaponry and creating new weapons
  • Downfalls: Smartass