Amanda Young has appeared in Horror RPG Series 3, Season 1.

Amanda Young
Amanda Young (S3-S1)
Alias:Mandy (Name used by Det. Tapp), Linda Smith, Linda Cornell
Date of Birth:07-03-1980
Place of Birth:Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA
Date of Death:NA, still alive and well
Occupation:Pediatric Clinic Worker at Hospital (formerly), Engineer, Serial Killer and Vigilante
Age:26 (in 2006); 27 (in 2007)
Family:William Young (father, deceased); Veronica Young (mother, deceased); Kendell Makana (identical twin sister); Meg Penny and Julie Lawry (distant cousins); the rest of her family is currently unknown
Skills:Clever and cunning, able to construct both winnable and inescapable death traps, very resilient and determined, some medical and survival knowledge, good with weapons
Downfalls:Suffers from a severe case of Borderline Personality Disorder (unstable emotional nature and prone to violent reactions and fits of rage), tends to be revenge-obsessed, sometimes resorts to self-mutilation when under extreme stress, a former drug user with a long history of drug and substance abuse
Theme Song:"Re-Align" by Godsmack
Major Allies:Jason Voorhees, Angel Claremont, Daniel Matthews, Dylan Christy
Minor Allies:Greta Valeski, Andre Toulon's Puppets, Lida "Stony" Newsom, Karl Stolenberg, Carmen Pauline Ryder (CPR)
Major Rivals:LAPD Detectives Eric Matthews, Mark Hoffman, David Tapp and Allison Kerry, Tommy Jarvis, Megan Garris, any and all law enforcement
Minor Rivals:Drusilla "Drew" Drake, Victor Crowley, Samuel Weston, those she doesn't see fit to deserve to live
Portrayer:Shawnee Smith
Controller:Jigsaw (writer) (S3-S1)
  • Special Note: The events of the first five Saw films, as well as sections of the Saw: Rebirth comic and the the flashbacks that were shown in Saw VI, are canon in this continuity while we are slightly remaking Saw VI for Series 3. Some creative liberties have also been taken for storytelling purposes and to fill in some gaps. It is VERY VERY STRONGLY advised that you see all five of the Saw films before reading this wiki if you haven't, since this wiki contains major spoilers for all of the films. Proceed at your own risk.

Amanda Young is a main character from the Saw film series and controlled by Jigsaw.

Character History Edit

"What is the cure for cancer, Eric? The cure for death itself? The answer is immortality. By creating a legacy, by living a life worth remembering, you become immortal. Somehow, we find that the tables are turned." - Amanda Young

Early Life Edit

Amanda Young was born on July 3rd, 1980 as the only child of a poor lower-class couple in a poor lower-class suburb of Downtown Los Angeles who abused Amanda physically and emotionally throughout her early years and Amanda also endured much bullying when she went to school. Sometime when Amanda was approaching her mid-teens she left from home to escape from her abusive parents who never even truly cared for her, and as she hung out with various delinquent teens who abused common street narcotics such as LSD and marijuana, Amanda beginning to experiment with these drugs. Amanda also developed habits for smoking and self-mutilation as a means of coping with her extreme emotional stress.

Dark Secret Edit

Amanda witness

Amanda witnessing the accidental death of Jill Tuck's unborn child following a botched robbery to procure narcotics with her acquaintance at the time, Cecil Adams.

Amanda had been a drug user throughout her teens and well into her twenties. Her frequent drug abuse made her a regular attendee at the Homeward Bound clinic, run by Jill Tuck, where she also became acquainted with a fellow drug user named Cecil Adams. Cecil often procured narcotics for Amanda, and on one fateful night in the Fall of 2003, the two planned to procure more drugs from Homeward Bound. As the clinic was closing for the night, Amanda stoodby and watched as Cecil robbed the clinic after holding Jill at knifepoint. Cecil returned a moment later with a stash of narcotics, but with terrible consequences that neither he or Amanda foresaw; Cecil accidentally slammed a door on the pregnant Jill's abdomen on the way out of the clinic, crushing and killing her unborn baby. Amanda was mortified and fled from the scene, unseen by nobody, as she lived with self-loathing over the knowledge that she caused the death of an unborn child due to her failure to quit her drug abuse.

Following the death of Jill Tuck's unborn child that Amanda was haunted by, she tried to remain sober and quit her drug abuse for good; she cut off all ties with her so-called friends and began to live on her own. She went on welfare to support herself while at the same time working various minimum wage jobs, such as working at a laundromat and retail stores, and one time she even worked at a daycare center helping to take care of small children, which was another personal means for her to cope with the accidental and wrongful death of Jill's baby. Despite Amanda's abusive past she was never truly violent at heart, but her world would be completely shattered, and in a strange way, would get better as well.

Rebirth Edit

Amanda had eventually decided to quit her drug abuse for good, when she realized she owed her new drug dealer, Troy LaRose, a sizable amount of money. Troy was a repeat prison offender who had been in and out of prison most of his life for various offenses. She went over to his ramshackle apartment, where he angrily confronted her over her late payment. Amanda apologized, but she refused to pay him, stating that she was quitting drugs for good. Troy became enraged and vented his anger on Amanda. He proceeded to beat her and raped her. After he raped her, he undid her bonds, and threatened her with death if she ever told anyone about this. A devastated Amanda believed in Troy's threat and fled back home.

Amanda was in pain for several days following Troy's assault and rape, but she never reported him for fear that he would kill her if she did. She tried re-building her life, but little did she know just how much her life would truly change. One day as Amanda was returning home after going out for a walk, she was suddenly stopped by two detectives who arrested her when heroin had been found in her home. Amanda was confused, she had never done heroin and didn't know how the detectives had found it. The detectives revealed themselves to her as Eric Matthews and Allison Kerry, and Eric told Amanda he had found the heroin in her apartment when he obtained a warrant to search her home after learning of her from an informant who worked for him. Amanda was taken into custody and sentenced to serve several months in prison.

While in prison Amanda learned that Eric had planted the heroin and obtained a false conviction against her when he admitted to planting evidence to arrest several people for crimes they weren't guilty of. Kerry had also admitted she knew of this but did nothing to stop Eric. Eric and Kerry were both suspended from the force for a while and Amanda still remained in prison despite the false evidence and conviction.


Amanda overdosing on heroin, sometime not long before Jigsaw and his accomplice Mark Hoffman kidnapped and set her up for Jigsaw's test.

While in prison she was also friends with a female inmate who obtained heroin from a weekly visitor and she secretly hid the heroin in her cell, and Amanda immediately became hooked. Upon Amanda's release she maintained contact with the heroin dealer, Donnie Greco, and obtained her heroin supply from him, when she overdosed and was checked into a rehab clinic at a hospital. Little did she know she was being watched.

"He... He Helped Me." Edit


Amanda in the Jaw Splitter during her first test.

After her release from the hospital, Amanda maintained contact with Donnie and was about to obtain more heroin from him when a black-robed figure wearing a grotesque pig mask subdued them both and had them both sedated, and when Amanda awoke she found herself in a dark room, bound to an armchair by her wrists and wearing some hideous metal contraption in her mouth, when a television screen near her came to life with the creepy image of a clown-type puppet, that slowly turned to face her and spoke to her in a deep and Demonic voice, informing her of how the trap worked and how she had to escape, to cut into the stomach of her "dead cell mate" and obtain the key in time to unlock her trap, the Jaw Splitter (which functioned like a "reverse bear trap" as the puppet put it).

After the tape ended, Amanda ripped free from her bonds and went over to the "dead" Donnie, finding a scalpel near him and about the hack into his abdomen when he suddenly came alive, but it was too late as she began slicing and hacking into his abdomen and dug through his innards before finding the key in his stomach, barely unlocking the Jaw Splitter in time just as it went off. Amanda screamed and cried, when the puppet on the television set came slowly riding into the room to deliver a chilling message: "Congratulations, you are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive... but not you, not anymore."


Amanda after unlocking the Jaw Splitter and getting it off of her just in the nick of time as it activated, nearly killing her.


Amanda escaping from the room she was held captive in during her test.

After the puppet delivered it's chilling message, Amanda fled from the room into the afternoon daylight and immediately rushed over to the nearest police station, frantic and hysterical as she told the police there of her ordeal, but the cops stationed at the time, seeing her obvious trauma, rushed her into the emergency room at a nearby hospital, and while she was treated she learned from police that she was the latest victim and first survivor of The Jigsaw Killer. A few days later when she was more stable she gave her testimony to Detective David Tapp where she recalled her horrific experience. At the end of her difficult testimony, Amanda tearfully ended her recollection by saying "He... he helped me," implying that she had been helped by the killer rather than deliberately killed. Little did she know her new life was just beginning.


Amanda giving her testimony to Detective Tapp after surviving her ordeal with the Jaw Splitter.

After her testimony ended, Amanda returned to her apartment where Jigsaw was waiting for her, informing her of passing her test and for her to meet him when she was ready. Amanda didn't feel threatened by Jigsaw, she felt released, and later that day went to his warehouse hideout at 213 Stygian Street to meet him.


Amanda meeting her captor and savior for the first time in her apartment.

Amanda went to the old warehouse at 213 Stygian Street, where she met Jigsaw. Jigsaw introduced himself by his real name, John Kramer, and told Amanda about his work and how it was his mission to help teach people he viewed as ungrateful to appreciate their lives more. There was more to John however, for Amanda recognized him from Jill's clinic; he had been her husband and the father of their deceased child whom Amanda had accidentally caused the chain of events that led to his death. John demanded that Amanda give everything to him and put her old life behind her, Amanda reluctantly agreeing. Over the course of the next five months, Amanda assisted John with a complex test, along with his other accomplice, LAPD Lieutenant Forensic Detective Mark Hoffman, with whom she had a very uneasy partnership with. Amanda formed a difficult yet close relationship with John overtime, hiding her dark secret from him while forming a father and daughter-like bond with him, in her mind, trying to be the child he lost to him to atone for her transgression on the night of his child's death.


Amanda recruited by Jigsaw.

Adam And Dr. Gordon Edit

Amanda's first assignment for John was to gather information on Adam Faulkner and Dr. Lawrence Gordon, with help from Hoffman. Adam was an amateur photographer and Dr. Gordon a neurosurgeon and oncologist at the Angel Of Mercy Hospital, where Amanda had started working at the pediatric clinic, helping sick and injured children there. While she worked, Amanda gathered as much information as she could on both Adam and Dr. Gordon, as John wanted to test the both of them. Amanda got the information on Dr. Gordon easily enough from the hospital's records, but getting the information on Adam was a little tougher, Amanda having to trace his whereabouts, but she did so, getting his address with help from Detective Hoffman. The test for the both of them was to go underway.


Amanda observing Adam for his abduction.


Amanda abducting Adam in his apartment, wearing her pig mask disguise.

One night, after her shift at the hospital finished, Amanda and Hoffman went to pick up John at his hideout at Wilson Steel, a derelict and inoperational steel mill that had served as their new hideout after his 213 Stygian Street warehouse hideout was condemned following a raid by Detectives David Tapp and Steven Sing, Sing dying from a trap rigged for protection. Her task was to capture Adam Faulkner for the test, while Hoffman would procure Dr. Gordon and John would be busy setting up the equipment inside the disgusting industrial bathroom in the sewers the three had discovered months earlier. In October 2005, five months after Amanda survived her ordeal and passed her test, the game was set to begin.

While John was busy setting up the bathroom trap itself and Hoffman went for Dr. Gordon, Amanda went to get Adam at the old apartment complex he lived at, having a brief run-in with him as he went out to a friend's concert gig. While he was away, she snuck into his apartment and waited for the right moment to strike. A few hours later, she had Adam and on her own, got him in time for the game.

The Game Edit


Amanda dragging Adam into the bathroom.

She abducted Adam from his apartment and returned later that night to the bathroom, the test almost ready to start. John, in his corpse garb for the test, applied a few last-minute touches and Amanda chained Adam's ankle with a manacle and placed him inside the bathtub inside the bathroom.


Amanda setting up Adam's manacle.

Hoffman by then was gone, having procured Dr. Gordon sometime earlier and he went to the Wilson Steel hideout to observe the progress via a video camera hidden behind a two-way mirror in the bathroom and the video sharing the same signal as the one Zep Hindle would be observing for his test.


Amanda setting up Adam in the bathtub.

She left the bathroom and killed the lights, shutting the door just as the test was starting. She went to the Wilson Steel hideout and from there monitored the progress that unfolded with Hoffman, seeing Adam and Dr. Gordon's ordeal. After the test was finished, with Adam and Dr. Gordon both wounded and Zep killed by Adam after almost killing Dr. Gordon, John got himself up from the bathroom floor after posing as the corpse and left Adam to die. After Amanda and Hoffman drove to the sewer building to pick up John, she kept John company for the next day, who was resting after a long night of work. She drifted off to sleep, where she had a frightening nightmare of a ghostly and angry Adam appearing inside the hideout and demanding why she abducted him.


Amanda awaking from her nightmare with Adam, and deciding to return to the bathroom to spare him his suffering.

Amanda awoke, in shock from the nightmare, and feeling absolutely horrible for abducting Adam and for John leaving him to die. She knew she couldn't let him suffer the slow and agonizing death of starvation.


Amanda returning to the industrial bathroom just a day after the bathroom game, finding a wounded Adam inside, along with Zep Hindle's corpse and Dr. Gordon's severed foot.


Amanda suffocating Adam with a plastic sheet over his face as a mercy killing after Jigsaw left him to die in the bathroom.

She returned later that night to kill Adam. She had felt awful about abducting both him and Dr. Gordon and having them both put through so much misery, but she felt powerless and weak to stand up to John and Hoffman, and refuse their orders. She re-entered the bathroom and went by Adam, who was in pain from the gunshot wound and being electrocuted after John had used a device to shock him. She told him she would free him, but instead she tightly wrapped a sheet of clear plastic wrap over his face and suffocated him to death with it. She felt terrible about killing him, but she didn't want him to suffer. After granting Adam his mercy killing, she returned to Wilson Steel, and from there assisted John and Hoffman with their next test: Eric Matthews' test.

The Traphouse Edit

John, Amanda and Hoffman spent the next few months preparing for Eric Matthews' test, at the suggestion of Hoffman. Eric was a detective in the city's police department who once had a respectable record, then began to abuse his power. Amanda had been framed and arrested by Eric for a false heroin charge and spent several months in prison for it. She had a deep hatred towards Matthews and often fantasized about revenge against him. Eric had been in the news again for more disorderly conduct, and the Jigsaw Trio saw it fit to test him.


Amanda showing her loyalty to John sometime shortly before the Traphouse ordeal.

The trio located an old house that they felt would be perfect to rig with several traps for more of John's test subjects, who also had been victims of Eric's disorderly conduct. They nicknamed the house "The Traphouse" due to the numerous traps they rigged inside it. John had owned the property for a while when he had a career in real estate, and he still had ownership of it, making it easy for him to employ it for the games. Making it even more convenient was that the house led to the sewer bathroom where Adam and Dr. Gordon's tests had been. Amanda had also agreed to be an inside player of sorts for Eric's test, pretending to be a victim of John's yet again when it reality she was really his accomplice. The test was set to go underway in April of 2006.

Amanda and Hoffman would spend quite a lot of time rigging and setting the traps inside the house, and it was during this time that their already uneasy and somewhat difficult partnership would be tested further, the two not keeping it a secret that they disliked each other immensely. After Amanda and Hoffman eventually finished setting up the traps inside The Traphouse, the game was almost set to go in motion.

The duo had also taken the time to install video camera throughout the house to record the activity that would be occurring, as Eric's test would actually begin the next day; what Amanda was to do was survive with the other seven subjects, all of whom with the exception of Eric's teenage son Daniel were expendable, as Daniel was needed for Eric's test. Amanda abducted Daniel Matthews from his home, while Hoffman and Obadiah "Obi" Tate, who was being tested for being an arsonist and con artist, kidnapped the others, before Obi was rendered unconscious by a pig-masked Hoffman.

After kidnapping the test subjects, Amanda's role as the inside player for the Traphouse games went underway. Amanda had injected herself with an antitoxin prior to the games actually starting, to make her immune to the sarin nerve gas that was being pumped inside the house. Other antitodes were available to the rest of the players, hidden around the old house, and one was hidden inside the safe in the starting room. The combination to the safe was written in colored numbers on the backs of the players' necks, the correct combination in the order of the rainbow's colors.


Amanda during the Traphouse ordeal, where she was an inside player.


Amanda struggling in the Syringe Pit after being thrown in it.

When the Traphouse games finally started, it didn't take long for the prisoners to start dying in gruesome and painful ways, as they either failed their objectives in their traps or were killed by traps rigged around the house. One of the prisoners even died from the nerve gas. Amanda's main objective was to stay alive and make sure Daniel made it out alive, and by the end of the ordeal, Amanda and Daniel were the only two left alive.

Xavier Chavez, a violent and confrontational drug dealer who threw Amanda into his trap that had been a pit of thousands of dirty and used syringes, pursued the two into the sewers, desperate to find their numbers after learning about the color-coded safe combination. The sewer entrance was hidden under a trapdoor under the safe inside the starting room. Amanda and Daniel eventually came across the bathroom, which served as the tomb for Adam Faulkner and Zep Hindle, the decomposed corpses of the two men inside the bathroom. Xavier eventually arrived inside the bathroom, confronting a frightened Amanda and a seemingly-dead Daniel, who appeared to have passed out from the nerve gas. Amanda pleaded with Xavier not to kill her, telling him that she could help him learn his number.

Instead of accepting Amanda's help, Xavier instead used a hunting knife found in the Traphouse and cut into the back of his neck, cutting out a piece of skin with the number on it. He pocketed the gory flap of skin, then moved in to kill Amanda, when suddenly Daniel emerged and slashed Xavier's throat with the same pistol-grip hacksaw that Dr. Lawrence Gordon had used to saw off his foot. Xavier quickly expired. Amanda led Daniel out of the bathroom and sewer and back to the Traphouse. Daniel passed out from exhaustion and shock, and Amanda, having known the combination to the safe, opened it and used the antitode on Daniel to save his life. She left the Traphouse with Daniel's unconscious body and took him to John's Wilson Steel hideout.

She bound him with rope and gave him an oxygen mask with an oxygen tank to help him breathe, then locked him inside a safe in the room that served as John's workshop. With the footage of the Traphouse ordeal recorded by the cameras installed around the interior of the house and Daniel procured and alive, Eric's test was ready to go underway.

Eric Matthews' Test Edit

Amanda, John and Hoffman carefully went over some last-minute details for Eric Matthews' test, namely getting the pre-recorded footage set and making sure the unconscious Daniel had his oxygen inside the safe to keep him alive. With some traps rigged on the staircase leading up to John's makeshift workshop ready, and John himself ready, the trio set their plans in motion to abduct an informant named Michael Marks, who had worked for Eric and obtained information for the cop that allowed him to get away with his false arrests.

Michael was abducted by Hoffman, who with help from Amanda and her medical knowledge she learned while at Angel Of Mercy, performed an eye surgery on him and implanted a key behind it, the key being for his trap, the Venus Flytrap Death Mask. Amanda and Hoffman brought the unconscious Michael to his torture chamber, where he had the Death Mask rigged around him and he was trapped inside an old room somewhere in the city sewers. Michael awoke and learned of his predicament from a VHS tape featuring Billy that John had made earlier. Michael failed to cut out his eye in time to retrieve the key and was killed by the Death Mask.

When Michael's corpse was discovered by asbestos cleaners in the sewers, Detective Eric Matthews was called in to investigate the scene, and it was on the Death Mask itself that the police were able to track down Jigsaw's location: Wilson Steel. Wilson Steel only had one steel mill in Downtown L.A. and it had been inoperational for many years. Eric, along with his partner Detective Kerry and others, assembled a SWAT team and they all set for Wilson Steel. All of them were completely unaware of Amanda and Hoffman's involvement with Jigsaw.

"Eric Matthews learned nothing from his test..." Edit

Amanda had arrived at the Traphouse around the same time Eric and his SWAT team arrived at Wilson Steel. She had kept track of John's test for Eric by listening in on a walkie-talkie that was hidden in John's desk, listening to Eric's test. Initially, Eric, though very confrontational, played by John's rules. After a while though, he began to lose his temper and violently beat the ailing John. In fear of his life, John agreed to take Eric to the house. Fortunately for Amanda and her mentor, the two had gone over every possible outcome of Eric's test, including him failing, which he did. The plan for Amanda to hide in the disgusting sewer bathroom and subdue Eric when he arrived went into motion, Amanda shutting off her walkie-talkie, heading for the bathroom with the corpses of Adam Faulkner, Zep Hindle and Xavier Chavez, and donning her black robe with the pig mask.

Amanda hid in the bathtub and Eric eventually arrived. He approached the bathtub, when a pig-masked and black-robed Amanda suddenly rose from the bathtub and stabbed Eric in the leg with a syringe loaded with a sedative. Eric fell unconscious and Amanda manacled his right foot to a pipe nearby the toilet. Amanda had also left her own personally recorded taped message for the corrupt cop, not hiding her voice, as Eric had failed his test and was expected to die in the bathroom.

On the tape, Eric learned of Amanda's involvement with John and how she would continue his work after he eventually died from his cancer. After the message finished, Amanda appeared at the bathroom's open sliding door, staring at her manacled nemesis. "Game Over," Amanda stated, as she slid the bathroom door shut and trapped Eric inside. Amanda got her gear ready and was about to leave, when to her shock, Eric got out of the bathroom, having smashed his manacled foot with a broken toilet tank lid as an alternative to sawing off his foot. Eric was looking for his son Daniel, who by then was being taken to a hospital after being discovered inside the safe at John's Wilson Steel hideout.

Eric eventually found Amanda and began to savagely beat her, the entire time demanding where Daniel was. Feeling bad that Daniel had such an angry and violent man for a father, she refused to tell Eric where Daniel was, which only caused the cop to beat her more severely. She then kicked at his destroyed right foot, and was about to leave when an agonized Eric shouted after her, "You're not Jigsaw, bitch!"


Amanda fleeing after her fight with Eric Matthews in the sewer tunnel.


Amanda badly bruised and battered after Eric Matthews' assault on her.

Amanda took the insult to heart, and turned back to kill Eric, when she decided that he wasn't worth the time nor the effort. She left him for dead inside the dark and dank sewer tunnels and exited, locating Eric's police van with a badly beaten and battered John. Amanda drove off to their other hideout, an old and abandoned meat plant in the industrial district of Downtown L.A. and the building having been another property John owned. After treating John's injuries at the meat plant, Amanda resumed her work and was set to continue her service to John, along with Hoffman, only when she didn't quite meet John's expectations, months later.

Vengeance Edit

Amanda was set to continue John's legacy following Eric Matthews' test, but instead of using her own games to teach people the value of life, as John believed he did, Amanda instead used her traps to seek vengeance against her rivals, and felt that nobody changed for the better from John's work; Eric Matthews was the same violent-tempered and impatient person that he had always been, evidenced to her during her fight with him in the sewer tunnels, and Xavier Chavez had only become a worse individual during the Traphouse ordeal, resulting in the deaths of two of the prisoners.

In October 2006, Amanda selected her first two victims: Troy LaRose and Detective Allison Kerry. She long hated Troy ever since he raped her after she refused to pay him for drugs that she purchased from him, and hated Kerry for her having helped Eric to get away with his disorderly conduct which resulted in Amanda losing ten months of her life. Amanda already had Troy and Kerry's traps; Troy's trap was the Body Chains, consisting of several chainrings hooked into his skin. The trap was simple, and Amanda didn't have difficulty with the chains that were to be apart of his test.

Amanda seriously considered killing Troy, but hesitantly opted not to go for it, as she set up the trap inside a classroom at Bousman Elementary School, where Amanda had been a student as a child. Hoffman was busy procuring Troy himself, and when he returned, Amanda left, Amanda trusting Hoffman to properly set the trap up. Amanda would later learn that Troy didn't make it out of the trap alive, blown to bits by a bomb Hoffman constructed as a part of the trap.

Kerry's trap was a grotesque device called the Angel Harness, which would rip open her ribcage if she failed to free herself using the key that had been tossed into a nearby jar of acid. The Angel Harness took months of design, building and testing, but with time, effort, patience and help from her two partners in crime, the trap worked to her liking, and she was able to get it set up in the city sewers with help from Hoffman, who then went to kidnap Kerry. Hoffman helped Amanda to set Kerry's body inside the contraption, and then he left to resume his police duties, while Amanda stayed behind to survey the test. Kerry awoke shortly afterwards.


Amanda present at the torture-murder of Allison Kerry, witnessing the grisly aftermath.

Despite putting herself through some grueling pain from snatching the key from the acid jar, the key didn't work on Kerry's lock. An angry and vengeful Amanda Young was the last thing that Kerry would ever see, the Angel Harness activating and ripping her ribcage wide open, spilling out her innards. Amanda was surprised to see that Kerry hadn't escaped from the trap despite undoing the lock, but she assumed the trap hadn't functioned properly like she initially thought. She didn't care either way, having gotten revenge on two enemies of her's, people she had deemed unworthy and undeserving of life.

John, with intel from Hoffman, had learned of Amanda "abusing the power" that he had bestowed upon her, was displeased with Amanda's "abuse of power." He was upset that she had used her games for revenge, but instead of confronting her, he decided to secretly re-test her.

"I can't do this..." Edit


Amanda during her secret re-test from John.


Amanda tending to the ailing Jigsaw on his deathbed, during his final moments of life.

Amanda's test would involve her kidnapping Lynn Denlon, a doctor who worked at the Angel Of Mercy Hospital where Amanda also worked. Lynn was chosen to be tested by John for being neglectful to her family and cheating on her husband, and Amanda felt hatred towards Lynn as she felt she was ungrateful for her own life and didn't do her job well, having seen that Lynn failed to act to treat an injured young boy at the hospital. After Amanda's shift ended, she donned a black sweater and a pig mask, and kidnapped Lynn.


Amanda intimidating Lynn after Lynn awakes following her kidnapping.


Amanda bringing the kidnapped Dr. Lynn Denlon to Jigsaw.

After Lynn was kidnapped and taken to the meat plant hideout, Amanda introduced her to John, on his deathbed and barely alive by this point. Lynn was told by John that she was being tested, and that the rules of her game were to obey the rules and keep John alive until another test subject passed his test.

This other subject was a man named Jeff Denlon, a father and divorced husband who had been grieving over the death of his young son, Dylan, after Dylan died in a road accident. Jeff's test was to have him forgive his three enemies, all of whom were trapped and could only escape if Jeff decided to free them. If Jeff passed his test and Lynn had succeeded in keeping John alive by the time Jeff's test finished, then Lynn was free to go. Jeff, his daughter Corbett and Jeff's three enemies had all been kidnapped by Hoffman the previous day and set up where they were supposed to be for their tests.


Amanda rigging the Shotgun Collar around the neck of Lynn Denlon.

Amanda had placed a trap of her own around Lynn, the Shotgun Collar, a metal neck collar with shotgun shells rigged into bullet slots. The Shotgun Collar operated electronically, and if Lynn went out of the thirty-foot range programmed into the collar or John flatlined (his heart rate was linked to the collar), the hammers would activate and fire the shells at Lynn's head.


Amanda growing agitated and jealous of Lynn, following John's brain surgery and Amanda assuming John is taking more of a liking to Lynn.

Amanda was quite hostile towards Lynn, not keeping her own personal disliking for the doctor a secret. Amanda however was fairly obedient at first, even assisting Lynn during a makeshift brain surgery on John.


Amanda rifling through her cutting box to prepare for self-mutilation to cope with her stress.


Amanda in a self-mutilation ceremony of sorts before cutting herself.

Downfall Edit

Amanda's emotional nature however got the better of her as the ordeal went on; John seemed to take more of a liking to Lynn, which personally insulted Amanda, seeing as John didn't even know Lynn and was seemingly ungrateful for what Amanda had done for him up to this point. Amanda had also seen that Jeff had failed his test, all three of his rivals having died.

Amanda was breaking down by this point, having felt guilty for Jeff's young daughter, Corbett, having to suffer without a way out for herself to win. Jeff didn't seem to change for the better, and Amanda felt that John's test didn't succeed in changing people. Amanda became so unhinged that she even went back to self-mutilation, mutilating her thighs with a buck knife after John's brain surgery.

Amanda only became more on-edge when she saw John and Lynn growing closer together and even had a bit of a violent scuffle with Lynn inside John's infirmary. When a desperate Lynn fought with her before holding her at knifepoint with a scalpel, after Amanda checked on her to ensure she was following the rules. Lynn tore the key Amanda had around her neck to free herself from the Shotgun Collar, but the key didn't work for the collar, it worked for Corbett's room inside Gideon.


Amanda reading the contents of the letter from "John," realizing that Hoffman has blackmailed her into betraying her mentor.

But Amanda would be fully pushed all the way to the edge after reading the contents of a letter John told her to read, Amanda learning from the letter that Hoffman knew that she caused the death of Gideon Tuck Kramer with Cecil Adams and demanding that she kill Lynn Denlon, otherwise he would tell John of her secret that she kept hidden from him the entire time. Terrified of John finding out and unable to bear the thought, Amanda reluctantly went along with Hoffman's demands from the letter.


Amanda reaching her breaking point with Jigsaw and Lynn.

But Amanda would be fully pushed all the way to the edge after reading the contents of a letter John told her to read, Amanda learning from the letter that Hoffman knew that she caused the death of Gideon Tuck Kramer with Cecil Adams and demanding that she kill Lynn Denlon, otherwise he would tell John of her secret that she kept hidden from him the entire time.

"Don't trust the one who saves you." Edit

Amanda's warning

Amanda warning Corbett not to trust Hoffman when he comes to "save" her, after being blackmailed with her letter.

Terrified of John finding out and unable to bear the thought, Amanda reluctantly went along with Hoffman's demands from the letter. But before doing so, she dropped by the room where Corbett was being held, and tearfully warned the young girl not to trust Hoffman when he came for her. With her ace in the hole to nail Hoffman after the events that were about to transpire, Amanda headed back for John's infirmary.

"Fix me, motherfucker!" Edit

Jeff was making his way to the store room, when an angry Amanda confronted both John and Lynn, toting a pistol Hoffman procured for her from the LAPD's armory. John begged for Amanda to unlock Lynn's collar and let her go, but Amanda refused. Amanda let her anger pour out, criticizing John's methods and his hypocrisy, claiming that what he did was no different from murder.

Amanda also admitted to being a murderer for her murder of Adam Faulkner, and mentioned that Eric Matthews didn't learn anything from his test - strongly implying that she killed him. John still begged with Amanda and tried reasoning with her, when Amanda shot Lynn in the back, just as Jeff arrived, armed with a pistol that Hoffman had left for him for his test.


Amanda after being shot by Jeff Denlon after failing her secret re-test from John and shooting Jeff's wife, Lynn.


Amanda unconscious from the shock and pain of the bullet wound.

Jeff shot Amanda in the neck, Amanda bleeding profusely from her neck wound and falling down. As she bled, John revealed that he had been testing her the entire time, to see if she could follow his rules, Amanda having failed to do so. Amanda was completely shocked upon learning of John's secret test for her and moreso when he accused her of having unwinnable traps and games, but she was too weak to respond. Amanda collapsed and fell unconscious from her wound, while Jeff confronted John.

John asked for Jeff to consider forgiving him, when Jeff instead took a hold of a nearby skilsaw and sawed John's throat open with it. John flatlined and Lynn's Shotgun Collar activated, killing her. A shocked and mentally damaged Jeff played John's "insurance policy" tape for him, where he learned of Corbett's fate. Jeff would be shot just moments later by FBI Special Agent Peter Strahm, who barged into the infirmary but would be locked inside immediately afterwards.

Role in Horror RPG Series 3, Season One Edit


Amanda Young's FBI Most Wanted Sheet

Reborn Again Edit

Amanda's consciousness returned, Amanda in a great deal of pain and shock from the gunshot to her neck. She had been rescued in the nick of time by SWAT operatives who'd stormed inside Gideon and uncovered the remains of the victims there. Amanda was barely alive from a blood clot that formed in her gunshot wound and thus prevented additional blood loss. Amanda was rushed to the Angel Of Mercy Hospital and treated for her blood loss, and placed into intensive care, where she recovered. Unknown to her, her involvement was already known by the authorities before Jeff's game began earlier that night, as Hoffman had incriminated her to the LAPD with evidence from Troy's murder scene.

When Amanda recovered enough, she made a daring escape from Angel Of Mercy and set out on the run, with help from Charles Lee Ray AKA Chucky. Despite her moral objections to John's work, with her now known as an accomplice to his work, she had no choice but to keep at what her deceased mentor had taught her, and she knew just the perfect way to keep it going - by enlisting the help of famed mass murderer Jason Voorhees, in Crystal Lake, New Jersey. Amanda had been fascinated and intrigued by the legend of Jason for a long time, seeing a lot of herself in the foul killer who was also a tortured soul in many ways, much like herself. All she had to do was locate him and get from Los Angeles to Crystal Lake, but was Jason Voorhees even real? Time would tell.

Rough First Meeting Edit

After arriving in Newark, New Jersey on a Greyhound bus (with a ticket she brought with money she stole from a woman she assaulted inside the bus terminal's bathroom), Amanda checked into a homeless shelter to lay low for the time being. While at the shelter, she met with a woman named Val. She didn't pay Val much mind after meeting her, which was following an altercation with a rowdy woman at the shelter whom Amanda backhanded out of annoyance. Amanda divided her time between the shelter and making simple contraptions near the premises, to keep in-tune with John's teachings.

Later that night, Amanda had stolen a razor blade from one of the homeless residents and had cut herself with it to relieve stress inside one of the bathrooms, when several Puppets attacked her. She escaped through the air vents and learned from Val that she was their leader of sorts and that Val was really Greta Valeski. Greta took Amanda hostage at gunpoint and fled with her in a van, but Amanda refused to give in and fought against her captor, causing Greta to crash. After a tense fight, the two eased down and got to know each other a bit better, with Amanda telling Greta more about herself. With the tension eased between the two, they set to lay low and survive in New Jersey.

Destination Reached Edit

Amanda and Greta arrived in Crystal Lake and laid low inside a derelict candy factory. Needing supplies, they set out the following morning to get some items, when a Crystal Lake resident met up with them. He offered them food and shelter, and they accepted. The man revealed himself to be Mick Taylor and he introduced Amanda and Greta to his extended family. Unfortunately, trusting Mick would prove to be a disastrous decision, yet one that also honed her instincts and willpower.

Will To Fight Edit

After sleeping over in the Taylor home for the night, Amanda awoke later that night to find Mick sexually touching her, much to her shock and dismay. She fought back against him, only for Mick and his family to detain her and Greta, and keep them prisoner in a pit below a shed near the house along with other women they kidnapped and tortured. While the other women were terrified, Amanda was unwilling to go down without fighting, and tried to motivate them all to fight back. Amanda led the fight against the family and ultimately they were killed off one by one, with the fight ending in Amanda brutally stabbing and slashing Mick to death with a bowie knife she claimed from Sharpe Cunningham, one of the family members.

Friends To The (Bitter) End Edit

Shortly after the harrowing ordeal with Mick Taylor's family, Amanda befriended Drew Drake, a woman who'd been kidnapped by Taylor and thanks to Amanda was a survivor. Drew was grateful for Amanda's help and offered to take her and Greta in, the two young women accepting. Amanda and Greta stayed at Drew's home, while Amanda made financial ends meet working at Joey B.'s diner where Drew was also employed. Amanda had used her alias to keep a low profile the entire time and while working had made a good impression on the staff and earned good tips.

At first, Amanda and Drew's friendship was friendly enough, until Drew grew noticably more jealous and impulsive whenever Amanda wasn't near her or didn't spend enough time with her. Amanda felt it was just lonely issues Drew had, until she learned that Drew had willingly killed a charming young man who'd taken them out for dinner a few days earlier. Amanda confronted Drew, who by then knew of her real identity and demanded to be put through a test. Amanda agreed.

Drew's test went underway, which would involve her trying to escape from a bear trap timed to close in on her head. To escape, she would have to push forward from her chair and hit her face face-first into a mirror. The trap didn't go as planned, when the chair tipped over and Drew became badly wounded and disfigured from the cuts. Amanda rushed Drew to the Wessex County Medical Center and went to stay at her home for the night while Drew recovered.

Later that night, Amanda awoke to find herself tied up and a prisoner of the escaped Drew, who felt betrayed by Amanda. Amanda learned Drew was really Drusilla Drake, a very mentally disturbed woman who'd escaped from a mental institution. Amanda broke free of her bonds and managed to subdue Drew in time for Sheriff Michael Garris to come to her aid to apprehend Drew into custody. Garris, not knowing who Amanda really was, let Amanda go and from there, Amanda resumed her life as normally as she could. In the event of anything, she knew where to find Jason Voorhees...

Summer Of Fear Edit

Amanda continued to work at Joey B.'s diner to make her living while living at Drew's home, keeping her cover the entire time she worked there. During this time, Crystal Lake's name had been changed to Forest Green in an attempt to put behind the Jason Voorhees legacy. She continued to work there up to July 2007, when she was recognized by bounty hunter Creighton Duke, who had come into town. Amanda managed to evade capture by the Forest Green Police Department and headed for the re-opened Camp Forest Green, hoping to lay low and possibly find employment.

While there, she met with Dylan Christy (whom she met earlier that day at the diner prior to Duke recognizing her) and was offered the position of assistant counselor. She accepted, and under her alias of Linda Smith, helped Dylan run the camp. Things seemed to be going smoothly, until Amanda found out a very dark secret that linked six of the teenage counselors who worked at the camp, learning of a prank that went disastrously wrong the previous Summer and resulted in the deaths of a mother and her child. Amanda felt that action had to be taken.

Things took an even more stressful turn when Dylan received an FBI Most Wanted sheet for Amanda, but she explained who she was and coerced Dylan into assisting her. He readily agreed. Using Dylan's help to obtain various supplies for the tests she had in mind for the counselors and to set them in their tests as well as build several traps, Amanda was ready to put the knowledge and skills John taught her and instilled in her, and fare better at it this time.

A Legend Returns Edit

After having help from Dylan in setting up the traps for the counselors (several of whom were inside the old underground tunnels connected underground to the campsite, and some of the others inside cabins), Amanda watched the progress unfold on monitors linked to video camera signals she and Dylan installed throughout the camp. The tests took off, but things would take an even worse turn when the FGPD arrived at the campsite, with Hoffman as well as the re-animated David Tapp, both eager to capture Amanda and end the Jigsaw legacy.

Amanda placed several defensive traps outside throughout the camp to keep away law enforcement and intruders, but this didn't stop Hoffman and Tapp from finding the main counselor cabin where she was. After a confrontation of sorts with the two LAPD Detectives, Amanda made a bold escape by crashing through a nearby window and leaping down onto the ground. It was sometime around this time she saw for herself that Jason Voorhees was real, and not only a real being who returned from the dead to reclaim his territory, he had feelings for her.

With help from Jason and Dylan (who put his military combat training to good use against the officers at the scene), Amanda fled into the underground tunnels with the two to evade the officers as well as the persistent Hoffman and Tapp. They had a few run-ins inside the tunnels, with both Hoffman and Tapp nearly killed by an elaborate Saw Flower contraption Amanda made that she built inside the tunnels (the contraption being a spiraling flower of sorts with circular powersaw blades for it's petals), and Amanda had to keep Jason from killing Dylan, whom he took an extreme disliking to. The three fled from the tunnels and into some nearby caverns, where Jason had his lair to keep them safe while he headed out to dispose of the law at his camp.

They wouldn't remain safe for long inside the lair, when Hoffman managed to find it and a fight of sorts broke out. Amanda eventually got the upper hand against Hoffman and Hoffman fled away, realizing he couldn't stand a chance just yet. Amanda and Dylan headed out of the cavern to find Jason, only to find out that Jason's long-time rival Tommy Jarvis had him chained to the bottom of the lake following an elaborate confrontation. Amanda took Megan Garris hostage and warned Tommy that to get her back, Tommy had to get Jason out of the lake. This plan however was quickly abandoned when more law enforcement was soon onto the scene. Amanda fought a good bit with Tommy and Megan, before fleeing with Dylan to get out of the area.

Retrieval Edit

Desperate to get Jason back and on the verge of another panic attack, Amanda with Dylan's help set to find Jason and retrieve him from the lake, but there was too much police activity there for them to pull it off without being noticed or caught. The plan was frustratingly abandoned for the time being, and Amanda hid out with Dylan at the old Higgins Haven farmhouse vacation home to lay low. The farmhouse was also one of the sites where Jason embarked on his original 1984 killing spree.

New Ally Edit

Amanda would soon get a new ally (albeit a reluctant one) when a lost teenage girl found the farmhouse and asked for their help. Amanda and Dylan used their aliases to avoid attracting suspicion and not drawing attention, but it was futile when the girl caught wind of a news report on Amanda. Amanda revealed who she really was and held the girl at knifepoint, and nearly killed her when the girl made scathing comments about Jason that Amanda demanded she take back, which she refused. Amanda wanted to kill her badly, but couldn't bring herself to do so. The girl was Angel Claremont, who was the daughter of Chris Higgins, one of Jason's original (and few) survivors. Her father was none other than Jason himself, Angel conceived after he raped Chris back in the Winter of 1990.

Willing to take Amanda's advice to forgive Jason rather than harbor a grudge against him, Angel agreed to help Amanda and Dylan get him back. The three set out to get him back, only for him not to be found anywhere in the lake. The plan was more of a failure when it resulted in Dylan being captured and a high-speed chase in the woods ensuing with Amanda and Angel, and law enforcement. The two young women managed to evade the law again while planning out their next move. Angel would prove herself to be an even more useful ally and a strong emotional companion after she helped Amanda fight back against hunters in the area and when the two shared stories of their own tortured pasts.

Violent Reunion Edit

Amanda and Angel would find Jason when they sought refuge at an old lodge near a Summer home, when he found them at the scene after he escaped from the lake. Amanda was ecstatic to be back with him, but there was some clear tension between him and his daughter initially. The reunion would be something of a disastrous one, as it coincided with Jason's newest killing spree and his next targets, Tina Shepard and her boyfriend, Nick Spirtas, as well as Tina's corrupt psychologist, Dr. Terrence Crews.

Crews was taken hostage by Amanda and Angel after they managed to catch him, and Amanda went to help Jason handle Nick and Tina. A brutal fight between the four escalated, with Tina making the fight very difficult due to her telekinetic powers. The situation became even more complicated when Dr. Crews broke free of his restraints and had Angel as a prisoner. Jason, using a Devil Dart of his, managed to wound Crews and free Angel, and with law enforcement coming to the scene, the trio fled with Crews as their hostage.

The trio eventually found refuge at an abandoned sawmill on the outskirts of town, where Dr. Crews was set for a test Amanda conducted. Crews managed to escape from his trap (which involved him being strapped down to a conveyor belt slowly bringing him to a circular saw in the center; to escape, he had to saw his chain-bound hands with two powersaws on the sides and subsequently also sacrifice his fingers), but he wouldn't survive in the end when Jason chased him with a large tree-trimming saw and dismembered him to death with the weapon.

Beauty And The Beast Edit

After Crews was taken care of and the trio went for rest, Amanda got more emotionally acquainted with Jason. He was a tortured soul much like herself with a past that had much abuse and neglect, and both ultimately grew up to become killers. The two had gotten closer the previous day when they hid out in a waterfall below the underground tunnels at the camp, and now they were closer and with nothing to disrupt them. Amanda realized she had feelings for Jason, feelings of love, and he was the same with her. Two tortured souls who accepted each other for who and what they were. From there, Amanda and Jason both had their first ever lovemaking session in either of their lives, and it was an experience Amanda would never forget.

Capture Edit

Later that night, Amanda and Angel were both apprehended by the FGPD after they stormed the sawmill with help from Hoffman, Tapp and FBI Special Agent Lewis Dowd. Jason was nowhere to be seen in the area. Amanda and Angel were transferred to the nearest precinct, but what ensued from there was a hostage crisis after the two killed several guards and took their weapons, before taking hostages after being unable to get out of the locked down precinct. Amanda and Angel took hostages, and negotiating with Agent Dowd, warned that unless they were allowed to walk away free and for Hoffman to confess helping Amanda and John with their crimes, the hostages would be killed. Amanda however never intended to kill them; she and Angel bound and gagged them all and did the same with two guards before taking their disguises and attempting to escape, while Hoffman confessed to the police (none of whom believed the confession).

Amanda and Angel made a bold escape attempt by hijacking an FGPD helicopter on the rooftop's helipad. Despite having no piloting experience, the two managed to commandeer the helicopter in time to avoid the law but not in time to avoid Hoffman hanging onto the rung as the vehicle took off. Hoffman was unsuccessful in capturing the two and fell off of the rung and into the lake below, but Amanda and Angel would both have no choice but to take the same fall into the lake when Apache helicopters were called in to intercept them.

The two made it to the shoreline, but only Angel got away; Amanda was caught yet again and detained to be transferred to New Orleans, for her execution. Amanda had a very unpleasant experience with many of the inmates as well as a particularly violent prison guard named Sam Weston. During the trip, she befriended an inmate named Lida "Stony" Newsom, a reformed bank robber, and also met Karl Stolenberg, a convicted serial killer who was on his way to Death row before his bus had broken down.

Hatchet Edit

The prison bus transporting Amanda and the female prisoners crashed into the New Orleans swamps during a violent storm, and after narrowly escaping from the sinking prison bus and avoiding an escaped crocodile in the swamps, Amanda and the other inmates looked for a means of escape and survival from the swamplands. The storm eased down when they stumbled onto an old and decrepit shed, which according to one prisoner, belonged to Victor Crowley, a disfigured boy who was killed by accident on a Halloween night by his father with a hatchet to the head after trying to free him from their burning home. Victor returned from the dead as a flesh ghost to enact vengeance according to the legend.

Amanda initially didn't believe in the legend, but she would shortly when Victor himself appeared and massacred most of the inmates before taking Amanda captive. He bound her and kept her a prisoner in his shed, where he showed some animosity towards her but also didn't initially kill her. After Victor went out to investigate some possible intruders, Amanda tore free from her bonds, but the abusive guard Weston found her. After a short but brutal fight, Amanda killed Weston after making him fall face-first into a bear trap that tore his face and killed him.

Amanda fled from the shed and found Jason, who somehow found his way down to New Orleans. He had handled Victor and the two went to find a way out of the swamp, stumbling onto an old trailer home. Amanda went inside with Jason to dispose of some corpses inside (presumably Victor's victims), when Victor found them and pulled Amanda away. He and Jason fought again, with Jason having gotten the upper hand, but he got the upper hand after he threw Jason's head into the trailer's empty hood. Amanda fled from him into the swamps before being caught and taken to a cotton mill, but Jason came in time to rescue her and defeat Victor.

Amanda and Jason, with Victor behind and now free and together again, set out to find some place to lay low. It wouldn't be Forest Green or Los Angeles, but maybe somewhere upstate on the East Coast they could find a place to lay low.

Doomed Voyage Edit

Amanda and Jason made it back to Forest Green and hijacked a yacht from a teenage couple (one of whom Jason killed) to escape farther, when the yacht hit a rock at the sea and was sinking. Using an emergency escape raft, the duo made it to a cruise ship set for take off and boarded it, with Amanda posing as a staff member of the graduating class of Lakeview High and Jason hiding in the engine room, killing anyone unfortunate enough to enter it and find him. Amanda got to know a few of the students and faculty and some of the ship's crew members, including Jim Carlson, whom she later learned smuggled drugs as a means of desperation to support his family.

It didn't take long for Jason to be back to his old tricks of killing, and when bodies were found around the ship, the passengers onboard began to panic. Things went from bad to worse when the ship became damaged in the middle of a massive storm and prompted an emergency evacuation. Amanda fled with some of the others in escape boats, with Jason having to make his way out by swimming. Amanda was devastated that Jason had to stay behind, but didn't have much of a choice in the matter. She made it to New York City with some of the survivors and they made their way through grimy alleyways after undocking and also surviving an encounter with hoodlums who tried to rob them, Amanda having killed the robbers.

Taking Manhattan With Jason Edit

Amanda took charge of the situation at hand and led the group of survivors, much to the dismay and displeasure of corrupt principal Charles McCulloch; nobody was aware of who she was at the moment. After the group holed in at an old motel, Amanda was re-united with Jason and on the run with him again when mobsters arrived at the motel after tracing Jason there, seeking to kill him for killing the son of a prominent New York mob boss during a drug deal. Jason and Amanda fled throughout New York City to evade both the mobsters after them and law enforcement, fleeing through some prominent NYC landmarks that included the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden and Times Square, before eventually leading to a construction site, sky tram station and to Central Park and the underground sewers. Along the way, plenty of slain civilians, mobsters and cops were left behind as a result of the murderous duo's escape attempts and death reign, and they also had help from the escaped Dylan Christy and Davie Faulkner mid-way through, helping them to survive. Amanda even had encounters with Eric Matthews, Daniel R. Rigg and the re-animated Allison Kerry at the sky tram, with none of them too pleased to be with her and her being the same way with them after a brutal fight between them at the station.

After managing to survive an attack from a thriving alligator colony in the NYC sewer system and escaping a toxic waste flood that Jason got caught in (and for some bizarre reason, the toxic waste seemed to revert him back to a human state of being), the foursome fled from New York City back to Forest Green, laying low in the woods and in a series of underground tunnels that served as their home of sorts. Things were quiet and fine, until the following month.

Hunted Edit

Amanda and Jason lived peacefully in the underground tunnels beneath the campsite, when a team of bounty hunters led by Creighton Duke discovered their secret location in an effort to bring them down for good. Amanda and Jason again survived, with both putting their skills to the best usage. With rigged traps and instinct to survive, most of the bounty hunters were killed. Dylan and Davie also helped them take down the bounty hunters and to escape, with help from Jason's father, Elias Voorhees, having stumbled onto them purely by chance after deciding to visit the campsite. He took them to the Voorhees Manor for them to have a place to lay low and be undisturbed (except Davie, who had wandered off on his own).

During the stay, Jason also procured a hostage for the group back during the bounty hunters' raid in the woods, Whitney Rogers, the daughter of a couple Jason killed back in the 1980s during his original killing spree, and Whitney having been someone with Duke's group of bounty hunters and someone Amanda took hostage during the bounty hunters' raid before Whitney escaped. Whitney was kept hostage in the manor's cellar. Whitney would be in a bond of sorts with Dylan as well as Jack Hansen, a bounty hunter who became a hostage of the group after breaking into the manor. Hansen proved to be somewhat helpful to the group when he helped them kill an escaped creature from a crate inside the manor's cellar.

The long night wasn't over yet, when Duke led more bounty hunters and the police department on a raid on the manor. The gang escaped from the manor and headed out of state, in an attempt to leave behind law enforcement. It was all frustrating for Amanda, and she seemingly could never be anywhere without attracting unwanted attention.

Cropsy Killer Edit

Amanda fled with the others with her to Upstate New York (except for Dylan, Whitney and Hansen, who went their own way), finding refuge at an old and inoperational Summer camp there right near Camp Stonewater. The camp in question was the remains of Camp Blackfoot, which unknown to Amanda and the others, was where Louis Maylam (better known by his nickname of "Cropsy" by the campers) was terribly burned and disfigured in a prank that went disastrously wrong several years earlier. Cropsy had survived and had vengeance on his mind.

Cropsy himself would encounter the gang, and both Amanda and Jason had their encounters with him as the horrifically burnt killer went on a killing spree at the nearby Camp Stonewater. After a long day of chases and killings, Cropsy was killed after being stabbed and burned to death by Jason, who then killed some of the counselors and campers on site. Amanda, Jason and Elias would flee the scene again after Eric Matthews, Allison Kerry and Daniel Rigg traced their activities there and had something of a stand-off with Amanda and Jason at the campsite.

A Bittersweet Return Home Edit

While looking for a place to lay low in Upstate New York, Amanda set back for Crystal Lake with Jason and Elias after catching a news report of egotistical journalist and host of true crime show American Casefile, Robert Campbell, that a special was to be broadcasted on live television at the Voorhees Manor.

The trio stole some supplies from an Army surplus store in town after killing an employee there, then made it to the Voorhees Manor and proceeded to take Campbell and his crew hostage on live television, using them as pawns in a game Amanda devised that tested the nation's morality; would they be willing to watch hostages' lives at stake if it meant risking their deaths? Further disgusting Amanda about the broadcast special was that Campbell had even gone as far as hiring actors to portray herself, Jason and Elias, and distorting the facts of the case.

The game took an unexpected turn when Eric, Kerry and Rigg arrived along with Creighton Duke. A shoot-out ensued but the they were eventually taken hostage. This wouldn't last for very long when another fight ensued. After making it out of the manor with Jason, Amanda detonated a series of planted claymore mines using a remote detonator she had taped to her hand, destroying much of the manor's interior and also killing many of Campbell's crew. It didn't end there when a very angry and vengeful Eric fought with her brutally and came close to killing her until Jason came to her aid and viciously wounded Eric.

With the Voorhees Manor almost completely destroyed and Elias captured by the police, Amanda and Jason fled to the Higgins Haven farmhouse to lay low and devise a plan to free Elias. After three survivors of Jason's original rampage made it to the Haven (Paul Holt, Virginia Field and Christina Higgins), Jason killed Paul while Amanda helped him take Chris H. and Ginny captive. The following morning, Chris H. and Ginny were dropped off at the Eternal Peace Cemetery, left bound and gagged, and Amanda made it back to the camp with Jason to procure supplies to bust out Elias from jail.

Bailout Edit

Using dynamite and carefully planting it from the outside of the Crystal Lake Police Department precinct near where the holding cells were, Amanda detonated the dynamite charges and she proceeded to make her way inside the CLPD precinct with Jason to free his father. Amanda found Elias' cell and freed him, and after avoiding a particularly intense confrontation with with Kerry and Hoffman, who was also there. Amanda had a fight with Kerry before leaving her bound and gagged, Amanda fled with Elias to find Jason, finding him in the streets.

They made it back to the camp to lay low, but more disruptions followed them, with encounters from Mafia hitmen sent after them by NYC mob boss Carlo Bartolucci, who was a secret associate of Hoffman's. All of these were taken care of, but Hoffman, Rigg and Kerry continued their pursuit. This led to a mine cart chase in the underground mines beneath the camp, Amanda and Jason fleeing in their own mine cart with the three LAPD cops after them in another. Amanda and Jason would eventually escape after going down a tunnel and escaping up a ladder leading to a mine entrance, with Amanda taking the ladder up to leave the cops trapped down below.

Amanda and Jason were to lay low elsewhere and try to get Elias back after he had a fight with an mob enforcer back at the camp, when a news broadcast of a film director looking to exploit Amanda's life story in a series of cheap Horror films in Los Angeles was brought to Amanda's attention. Amanda knew where their next destination was: Los Angeles.

Old Territory Edit

Amanda and Jason headed all the way to Los Angeles in their vehicle and headed for the old Gideon meat plant to lay low, only to find Daniel Matthews there. Amanda learned that Daniel had not only been secretly helping John Kramer in a plot against Hoffman and with a game that involved John's old insurance provider William Easton, he'd also had help with his own work from Angel Claremont, who was now his girlfriend. Amanda also learned that John was somehow still alive, and aware of her recent misadventures; it was John who helped train both Daniel and Angel in his craft. It was difficult for Amanda to be back in the place where she nearly died, but she endured.

After the two couples got acquainted and told of each other's misadventures (except for Jason due to his muteness) and plotted more against the crooked Hoffman (whom Amanda had determined by then that he was the one responsible for rigging her traps prior to her re-test to be unwinnable and make her look like a failure and a traitor to John's belief system), they devised a plan to abduct and test Brett Boll, the director of the Jigsaw films that were being made to profit from the case. Boll was abducted from his film studio the following day along with his key actors and upon getting back to Gideon where the traps were set, almost everything was ready to be into motion. Only one more key component was needed: both of Amanda's still-living and abusive parents.

William and Veronica Young were both abducted later that night from their home when they all returned to Gideon, the games went into motion. The Youngs were both sedated and their traps were constructed, and both of the abusive parents were placed inside their trap, the Double Constrictor, similar to John's Rack trap in that in twists the limbs of the people strapped into it and does more damage by slicing the victim in addition to twisting their limbs. With the Youngs in their trap, Boll's objective to win his game was to slice himself in the chair he was strapped in and release at least six pints of his blood to transfer to the Youngs via tubings to free them and also get the key to free his actors, in a game of their own in a nearby room.

Cathartic Release Edit

Boll failed in his objective, bleeding to death. Amanda, in a great deal of emotional pain from being with her parents for the first time since her abusive childhood and having an opportunity for revenge, helped Jason in brutally killing both of her parents, their traps having malfunctioned and making their ordeal even more agonizing. Amanda relished the killing of her father especially, the savage slaying ending with William Young being beheaded and Amanda crushing his skull and brains.

With the Youngs dead and most of Boll's actors also dead (the remaining survivors were later hunted and killed by Jason on the Gideon premises), Amanda took the time to rest from what had been an emotionally draining time for her. However, things were far from back to normal, when a most unexpected return from Jeff Denlon went on at Gideon, with Jeff somehow back alive and now mad from his experiences. Jeff set out to kill Amanda and the others with her. The foursome escaping in a vehicle with Jeff clinging to it, the situation eventually came to an end when Amanda killed Jeff after he begged her to do it to end his misery, but not before asking Amanda to tell Corbett she loved him. Amanda clarified the situation to Jeff about why she shot Lynn, telling him of Hoffman's blackmail, which did nothing to change Jeff's mind about the events that had occurred.

Torture Chamber Edit

Going to Daniel's home after his mother Michelle went on a business trip and feeling he needed to be watched so he'd be safe, Amanda and Jason accompanied Daniel and Angel to the Matthews residence, when later that night sans Jason they were kidnapped by a gang led by the sadistic crime boss Robert G. Durant, who was also a close associate of Hoffman's. Amanda was transported with Angel, Daniel and CPR (whom Amanda later learned was another woman Daniel had been seeing prior to Angel) to the American chapter of the sadistic torture-murder for hire organization, Elite Hunting.

After being taken to a torture chamber to await torture, Amanda managed to escape from her chamber following an encounter with another EH killer, who pursued her after a botched attempt to kill her. Amanda wouldn't be in danger for much longer, when Jason, wounded but alive and unwilling to back down, traced her whereabouts to EH and saved her from the EH killer. After locating Daniel, Angel and CPR, and having a brief run-in with a very determined Eric Matthews, Rigg and Dorian Sullivan (Eric's and Daniel's cousin) upstairs, the gang escaped and with the help of disfigured scientist Peyton Westlake (AKA Darkman), laid low at an old soap factory Darkman used for cover.

Rocky Reunion Edit

After getting some much-needed rest, Amanda set to head for the old sewage plant she'd been told of by Daniel and Angel, where the re-animated John had his new hideout. Amanda reluctantly agreed to meet John in the underground lair below the plant after receiving a call from Angel that he wanted to speak to her. When they arrived, it wasn't an easy reunion, with John expressing his disappointment with Amanda's methods but he still cared for her like his child. Amanda still harbored great resentment against John for what she viewed as betrayal on his part for hiding information from her and not trusting her, but when she mentioned that she felt Hoffman rigged her traps to be unwinnable and also made mention of Hoffman blackmailing her to kill Lynn Denlon, John began to wonder more about Hoffman. Forgiving Amanda and asking for her own forgiveness now that they both considered Hoffman rigging Amanda's games and offering his help to her to get to Hoffman, Amanda decided to see how John would go along with her plans to see if he deserved her trust and forgiveness.

The reunion and Amanda's time to ponder whether or not John deserved to be forgiven wouldn't be long when an LAPD SWAT team (led there by Hoffman after he spotted them) made their way to the lair. The gang minus John escaped through a hidden door leading to another underground sewer passage, but John was captured. Amanda just didn't know what the future held for her and John, whether or not she'd forgive him or not, even with the knowledge that Hoffman was the one who set her up.

Last Help Edit

In the months approaching October of 2008, Amanda helped John with his final test and arguably one of his most grand yet, to test the maniacal yet brilliant Hannibal Lecter, who had been assisting the FBI with the Jigsaw case and helping to profile John and his followers. The game was to take place at the Gideon meat plant, and Amanda had had help from Daniel, Angel and Dylan in setting up Lecter's traps for his game. Everything was set to begin as Halloween of 2008 approached, with Lecter having escaped and Amanda having helped her mentor set everything in place.

Surprise Family Reunion Edit

Amanda had been assisting in setting up more of Lecter's test and helped set Lecter himself once he'd been captured, and upon seeing an apparently malfunctioning camera on one of the monitors inside the Gideon storeroom, she headed out to investigate the seemingly downed camera, only to be rendered unconscious by Whitney Hansen and her husband Jack, Whitney by now an FBI agent. Amanda was in for more of a shock later when after being taken hostage, she learned she had an identical sister in Kendell Makana, an FBI agent who had gone undercover to help bring down John Kramer and his followers.

Amanda wouldn't remain captive for long when Jason came to find her outside. He proceeded to attack Hansen and kill FBI Agent Bryan Kilner, who was accompanying the agents. After freeing Amanda, the Hansens were taken hostage as well Kendell. Amanda got to know Kendell closer after Lecter had passed his test and went to speak with John. Kendell, despite her own obligations as an FBI agent, knew Amanda was family, and Amanda had managed to convince her to let her and the others go.

With law enforcement on the way to take down the crew, Amanda headed to flee with Jason, Dylan, Carmen, Daniel and Josh, while Kendell stayed behind. Angel had gone missing, but the crew had gotten word that she was being held by none other than Michael Myers.

Familiar Place Of Doom Edit

The crew escaped into the sewers and eventually approached right near where the infamous industrial bathroom was as well as the path leading to the Traphouse. They encountered Michael Myers, who proceeded to clash with Jason inside the Traphouse before being subdued. The gang found Angel inside one of the rooms inside the decrepit old house and were about to leave with her, when they were suddenly ambushed with a sleeping gas grenade attack from Hoffman, who had been nearby.

Amanda later awoke with Dylan, Daniel, Angel, Carmen, Josh and Dale inside the industrial bathroom, realizing they were being kept captive by Hoffman while Jason was subjected to a series of tests around Los Angeles. Jason eventually reached them in time along with another test subject, Thomas Knight, who had been an acquaintance of Amanda's during her difficult past. The crew proceeded to escape out of the bathroom and through the Traphouse.

Losing a Loved One Edit

Following clues left behind by Hoffman to locate him, the gang located him in a nearby house, rigged with some death traps, one of which claimed Thomas' life. Jason unfortunately fell victim to Hoffman's traps when he was folded and crushed to death in the Iron Cocoon trap Hoffman had rigged. Hoffman didn't get away with this however, when he was later subjected to the Jaw Splitter II Amanda had built herself two years prior, placing Hoffman in the trap, which proceeded to kill him.

Following Jason's death, Amanda headed back for Crystal Lake with the others, where they settled at a cottage in the woods and had Jason buried in the backyard. The following years would be a challenge, with Amanda having to raise Josh on her own.

Regular Appearance Edit


Amanda in her robe and pig mask when kidnapping her or John's test subjects.

Amanda red and black

Amanda's signature red and black attire.

Amanda stands five feet three inches tall and weighs one hundred seven pounds. She has an average body type that is slightly thin yet also toned. She has green eyes and her dark brown hair is usually long, but when she first joined John, she cut it short and from there it evolved into a strange little choppy "Emo" hairstyle; Amanda kept this hairstyle until after the Traphouse incident, and from there let her hair grow longer. She had her longer hair until after she escaped from Angel Of Mercy after being treated for her near fatal bullet wound, when she cut it shorter after making it to a New Jersey homeless shelter to lay low. She kept her choppy "emo" style hair until she let it grow long again over the first quarter of 2007, and by the Summer, she had long locks of hair again. She currently wears her hair long and well-kept.

Amanda's attire varies greatly, but she typically wears street clothes of all colors. When she kidnaps her test subjects or John's subjects, she wears a red or black robe with a gruesome pig mask. Amanda's signature attire though is arguably a dark red cotton T-shirt complete with a pair of black cargo or leather pants and a pair of platform boots, along with a red and white two-piece swimsuit underneath. Amanda has a distinctive tattoo of a cougar on her upper-left shoulder blade.


Amanda with her unhealed bullet scar.

She also has a scar on the left side of her neck from where Jeff Denlon's bullet struck her, Amanda having barely survived the gunshot. She also sports several scars on her arms and legs from when she has self-mutilated in the past. She also sports a small scar on her right bicep after she took a scalpel slash to it during a fight with Lynn Denlon at the Gideon meat plant, shortly before she read the contents of the incriminating letter from Hoffman.

Trademark Gear Edit

Amanda often carries chloroform and syringes filled with sedatives on her when she kidnaps her or John's test subjects, to make kidnapping them easier. She also tends to carry other items to use in the kidnappings that include plastic zipties and rolls of duct tape to bind and gag her targets. Her weapons vary, but she opts to wield handguns and knives. Amanda's primary weapons though are her brand of death traps, which are unique from the other Jigsaw Killers in that they sport a distinctively more elegant appearance - as beautiful-looking as they are disturbing and horrific.

Since surviving her gunshot wound and having a new perspective on things, she employs both winnable and inescapable traps, but under certain circumstances; for people she views as deserving of a second chance at life and have committed forgivable offenses, she makes their tests rather easy to win, but for people who've committed unforgivable offenses (such as rape or child molestation), she makes their tests unwinnable.

Amanda also has a Bowie Knife for additional protection, Amanda claiming the knife after surviving a brutal encounter with sadistic killer Mick Taylor and his murderous family in the Crystal Lake countryside. The blade originally belonged to Sharpe Cunningham, a murderous acquaintance of Mick, and Amanda swiped the knife off of him after he was killed by Greta Valeski's telekinetic powers. The Bowie Knife is sixteen inches overall and has an eleven-inch blade, and it's large yet easily concealable, making it a very useful and comfortable weapon to use.

Amanda is also good at wielding a compound bow, having stolen one for herself from Camp Stonewater during the encounter with the Cropsy Killer. The compound bow is designed for tactical hunting and has a scope attached to it. Amanda seems to favor using saw-toothed arrows for the bow, but will employ other types of arrows as well. She is quite accurate at firing arrow, Jason having taught her well how to aim and fire arrows. She lost the bow in a cabin fire at Camp Crystal Lake when Eric and Kerry raided the camp, searching for her and Jason.

Amanda also wielded twin Colt M1911 pistols that were heavily customized. Amanda stole the pistols from an Army surplus store during a botched purchase attempt at the store. The Colt M1911s fire .45 ACP bullets and Amanda is a good shot with the weapons. She lost the weapons during Eric and Kerry's raid on Camp Crystal Lake, the weapons destroyed in a cabin fire.

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